It looks like Google is about to rebrand acquisitions Picasa and Blogger under its own Google products name. 

Mashable is reporting that the search engine giant plans on retiring the older brand names, renaming them Google Photos and Google Blogs. Google is likely attempting some serious brand unification in preparation for the full launch of its Google+ service. 

Expect the transition to Google Photos and Blogs to occur in the next 6 weeks, timed conveniently with the rumoured launch of Google+. Mashable is pointing to a pre 31 July public launch, an important date which will see all Google profiles required to be public. 

Currently Picasa and Blogger are two of Google's most popular services. Google picked up the former in 2004, with Blogger joining the Google family in 2003. The site was co-founded by Evan Williams of Twitter fame and is massively popular, being one of the most visited in the globe. 

The rebrand will mean a proper integration of the services into Google+ and could very well be the start of more Google products being migrated into +. 

Until now Google has only rebranded smaller products under its name, the most recent was JotSpot becoming Google Sites in 2008. The renaming of Picasa and Blogger will be the biggest product rebrand by Google.