Google's web browser Chrome is gaining a market share at an incredible pace - with StatCounter declaring that it is now the browser of choice for one in five web surfers.

Other predictions have Chrome at around the 13-15 per cent mark, but the Irish web analyst states that the figure is, in fact, now 20.7 per cent.

StatCounter also states that Microsoft's once undisputed king, Internet Explorer, is on the wane - with a share that now sits below 44 per cent. This time last year its hold was around 53 per cent.

Mozilla's Firefox is also under threat from the Chrome onslaught, with a share of 28.34 per cent - down by almost 1.5 per cent of its share for the 6 months before that.

Safari's share is just over 5 per cent, and Opera comes in fifth place with a 1.74 per cent slice of the browser pie.

Chrome only launched at the end of 2008, but with close integration and added features for people using Google's ubiquitous suite of web tools such as Gmail, Google Docs and the like - and the exciting benefits that will surely come as a result of Google+ - Microsoft and Mozilla must be seriously concerned.

What browser do you use, and why?