Google Realtime search has been temporarily suspended as the search giant gets ready to add Google+ features to the mix.

The suspension was confirmed in a tweet from the Google Realtime twitter account that stated:

"We've temporarily disabled We're exploring how to incorporate Google+ into this functionality, so stay tuned."

Google Realtime is a useful search tool that can be used to find out up-to-the-second updates from the likes of Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, MySpace,, TwitArmy, and Jaiku.

You're presented the results in time order, with a graphical spike chart at the top giving you an indication as to how your chosen topic has been trending.

From the search results you can narrow down the results to regions or specific locations and you can also enter into conversation view to see the responses to certain results. You can also set up Google Alerts for specific terms so that you are emailed as soon as something starts trending.

It's not clear how long Google Realtime will be down for - the Big G hasn't 'fessed up yet.

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