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(Pocket-lint) - So you've got your Google+ invite and you've had a bash around on the new social network, but you can't help but feel a smidgen of jealousy towards your Android buddies who have the mobile app already up and running, with no sign of it in the App Store yet.

But help is at hand from Google, who have provided a web app for iPhone users to get some of the Google+ features on their mobile before the native app lands.

If you go to plus.google.com in your mobile Safari browser you'll get access to a wealth of + goodies including Stream, Photos, Circles, Profile and Notifications. You'll need an active Google+ account already up and running first mind, otherwise it'll simply re-direct you to the invite request page.

There's no Huddle as of yet, but you can check in to locations and see your Google+ messages from nearby people. You'll also get the red notification badge, although this will only work whilst the web app is active.

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It's no native app, that's for sure - but for Google+ers looking to get the most out of their exclusive invite, it's a pretty neat option.

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Writing by Paul Lamkin.