"You really want to know what love is?" a great man once asked.

Well, now Google is here to tell you, or at least tell you all about the things you love - using its ubiquitous web services to give you all the info you need about your loved things, all under one big umbrella.

Rolled out quietly, with not even a mention on the Google Blog, What do you Love? can be found at www.wdyl.com and gives you the Google goods on a particular search term including translations, popularity of the term, a book finder, a 3D sketch rendering, YouTube videos, shopping results, alerts, images, news and so on.

There's even a cheeky link to "Access love stuff on the web, faster" - which is just an attempt at getting people to use Chrome.

We don't really know what the point of the service is, but it looks nice at least - even with a heart shaped search button.

All we do know is we love lamp. We love lamp.