Pocket-lint was one of the first websites to grab hold of the new Google stamp of approval when it launched earlier this month. The service has now taken its first baby steps, ironed out the kinks and is ready to roll out globally.

A post on the Google Webmaster blog today points to a worldwide launch of the +1 button, initially appearing on sites like Google.co.uk. Google.de, .jp and .fr will also be getting the button today. The rest of Google's sites will get the button soon after.

Google has also partnered with plentiful sites in order to spread even more +1 love. NME and Last.fm along with many others should start seeing the +1 appear on pages alongside sites like Pocket-lint.


+1 Pocket-lint via the +1 icon under Follow on the right hand side of this page


You may remember a story we published earlier this month about how +1 could influence page rank. A Google spokesperson told us: 

"Google will study the clicks on +1 buttons as a signal that influences the ranking and appearance of websites in search results. The purpose of any ranking signal is to improve overall search quality. For +1's and other social ranking signals, as with any new ranking signal, we'll be starting carefully and learning how those signals are related to quality."

This means the service is designed to make the search personal but that Google will be watching out for any looking to manipulate the system. 

Just as has been the case with Facebook 'like', Google's +1 looks to be talk of the town for companies trying to increase their social media presence. Expect the +1 to become a highly sought after click for those trying to raise their profile.

Google +1 or Facebook Like