Google looks to have started rolling out its latest Panda update over the weekend, with many sites claiming they are seeing a boost in their search traffic.

Search Engine Optimisation forums online are abuzz with website owners saying that they’ve either been forced further down the search results page, or as in some cases, are enjoying a higher ranking and therefore more traffic than they did earlier in the week for no apparent reason.

For some who have been worrying about their declining traffic since the first update rolled out in February in the US and April in the UK, it will be a time of wondering whether their new found traffic will stick, and if so, how the celebrate a return to form.

The Google Panda update was designed to reduce the amount of spam within the search results and reward easy site navigation and overall quality content, however adversely affected many of the sites it was hoping to promote. 

Since then, many have complained that the search engine's results weren't as useful as they used to be, and that Google had got the algorithm wrong. 

Google announced last week that it would be introducing a new manual update to its search algorithm saying that it hoped to roll out the new 2.2 update over the course of the following "couple" of weeks. 

Following the introduction of Instant Pages, and the launch of the Chromebook in the US, Google looks to have released that update.

Let us know whether your website is seeing a sudden increase in traffic or whether you’ve been put further down the list in the comments below.