Google has been rolling out some pretty funky Doodles as of late (most notably the awesome Les Paul guitar themed one) and the latest effort is none too shabby either - an interactive Doodle that lets you control the lunar eclipse.

When loading up the Google front page, the cycle of the eclipse plays through in its entirety in a couple of seconds but after that you are in control of the slider bar.

The June lunar eclipse is the first of two eclipses for 2011 (the next one is in December) and is the longest in nearly 11 years.

It can be seen in parts of Europe, Africa, Central Asia and Australia although the best time for the UK has been and gone - 7.22pm until 9.02pm on 15 June - when the eclipse hit totality.

The shadow will last until 11pm though - so quickly take a look see out your window before it's too late. Or just play with the Google Doodle instead.