Google has announced a triple whammy of new features for its desktop browser search; Instant Pages, Voice Search and Search by Image.

Starting with Instant Pages - this is the first major progression of the Google Instant feature that we saw land last year. Now, not only will Google begin to predict and present your search results whilst you type, it will also pre-cache the most likely outcome so as when you click it you don't have to wait around for the page to load - it will already be there waiting for you.

"The good news is that we’ve been working for years to develop our relevance technology, and we can fairly accurately predict when to prerender," explained Amit Singhal, Google Fellow.

Next up is Voice Search, which mobile googlers will already be used to. On the desktop version you'll see a little microphone in the Google search bar - simply click it and then you can speak rather than type your search. You'll need a microphone on your computer of course, Google isn't that clever.....yet.

Finally Search by Image is basically Google Goggles for your desktop. It will provide an image icon in the search bar and from there you can upload one of your own pics, or drop an image URL (or right click an image using a coming-soon Firefox and Chrome plug-in), and then carry out a search based on that image.

To get the new features quickly you're going to need to be using Chrome. Instant Pages is arriving with the next beta release, Voice Search is rolling out now on Google in English, and Search by Image is hitting in 40 languages at the time of publication.