Google has created a very special playable guitar doodle to celebrate music legend Les Paul's 96th birthday.

The doodle can be played either by picking or strumming the strings with your cursor, or by clicking the keyboard icon and using the QWERTYUI keys. Our musical talents don't stretch particularly far over at the pocket-lint towers and as such we are yet to work out how to play any songs. For a moment we thought perhaps we had managed to lay down duelling banjos from Deliverance but oh how we were mistaken.

Some are reporting that the US version of the Google doodle allows you to record your creations and share them with others, however we are yet to find this elusive button. Clicking the doodle itself will open up a Google search for Les Paul, with his Wikipedia page sitting at the top of the search. 

For those who don't know who exactly Les Paul is, he is a rock and roll and electric guitar pioneer. Gibson Les Paul guitars are highly respected in the world of music and often boast pretty significant price tags. A quick search and we found some classics from the 1930s fetching more than $300,000, with those owned by famous musicians well into the millions. 

Figured out a track on the doodle? Comment your keyboards combos below!..