Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei is not happy about the recent blame placed upon China for the attempted hacking of the Gmail accounts of top US gov officials and journalists.

"Hacking is an international problem and China is also a victim. The claims of so-called support for hacking are completely unfounded and have ulterior motives." he told the BBC.

Thankfully Google's defences managed to stand up to the attacks, certain individuals passwords had been obtained through fraud however.

"It’s important to stress that our internal systems have not been affected—these account hijackings were not the result of a security problem with Gmail itself."

A post on the Google blog post suggests the US was not the only country under threat. Entitled "ensuring your information is safe online", it explains officials from other Asian countries were also attacked, particularly South Korea. 

The hacks appear to be originating in Jinan, China and are targeted at those who have access to sensitive or secret information. It is difficult to tell whether they are being carried out by individuals or organisations and what exactly the intent of them is. 

This is the first time that Chinese officials have been outspoken about the constant stream of Google hacking coming from their country. To say the hacking claims have alterior motives seems slightly suspect, Google keeps its security water-tight and usually knows exactly where attacks are coming from. 

Google currently suggests enabling 2-step verification on their accounts and also says a strong password will help greatly improve security.

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