Google has come clean with the 3G price plans for its forthcoming Chromebook range.

Pocket-lint told you on Thursday how Three had secured status as the 3G connectivity partner for the Chromebook launch in the UK, but whilst the carrier has remained tight-lipped about the fees, Google has coughed up the info we've been waiting for.

Chromebookers will get 3GB of 3G data to use in the first three months of their Chromebook's life for nada, then they'll have to pay either £2.99 for a 500MB day pass (valid until midnight) or go for a monthly bolt on of 1GB (£10), 3GB (£15) or 7GB (£25).

The £2.99 daily fee makes the 3G Chromebook pretty attractive, and could possibly tempt people to pay the extra £50 for the device on the off chance they'll need the odd-day of 3G access on the go.

The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook hits UK shops on 24 June and costs £399 for the 3G version.