Google has announced that it will be merging the company’s two operating system Honeycomb and Gingerbread into a new OS called Ice Cream Sandwich that will launch in time for Christmas.

The new OS will offer a host of new features as well as bringing the current benefits of both platforms to the new version of Android.

New to the mix will be a motion tracking feature that tracks your head relaying that information on the screen for the device you are looking at.

In what is surely Google’s answer to Microsoft’s Kinect system, which is coming to the PC later in the year, Virtual Camera Operator (as it will be known) uses technology in the OS to work out who is speaking and zoom in to that person automatically.

The feature will be available as a developer API so developers can use the new tricks to improve their own apps.

Google I/O is in full swing now, be sure to check back on Pocket-lint for further updates.