The Android Market is on course to overtake Apple's App Store in terms of the number of apps on offer by August.

The prediction comes from analysts Research2Guidance who has been tracking the amount of apps added to the respective portfolios over the last few months.

As it stands, Apple currently has around 380,000 apps in the App Store and the Google is offering almost 295,000 in the Android Market.

However, the Android Market had 28,000 new apps added in April, whereas the App Store only increased by 11,000.

If this rate continues, the Android Market would leapfrog its rival in August and become the world's biggest mobile app centre with 425,000 apps.

Apple, of course, has stricter guidelines than Google in terms of what apps are accepted.

The Cupertino boardroom probably won't be all that concerned by the overtaking either (expect announcements from Apple about quality rather than quantity) - especially considering the recent analysis results that predicted that Apple will have a 77 per cent share of the $3.8 billion 2011 app revenue.

Still though, it's a milestone that Google and fandroids will welcome.