When something happens in the world, what do you do? Well according to a graph just released by Google you type said incident into Google to find out what’s what.

According to the search engine giant, it saw a “1 million per cent increase in searches for [bin laden]” On May 1 between 7:30-8:30 pm Pacific Time as people rushed to the web to find out what the actual details were from the hundreds of media outlets reporting that the US Army had killed the Al Qaeda leader.

However, as the graph shows, the need to know soon disappeared and by midnight of the same evening the searches for Bin Laden had returned to their former level. 

The figures come after Twitter confirmed that it too had a busy night following the news with the company experiencing its highest volume of sustained rate of tweets on Sunday.

From 7:45pm to 11:20pm Pacific Time there was an average of 3,000 tweets per second, with a 5,106 tweet-per-second peak at the highest point.

That’s a lot of searches.