The latest version of Android Gingerbread has landed - 2.3.4 - bringing with it Google Voice Chat from within Google Talk.

The update means you now can use your Android device to make video calls to your pals, not only to other Android smartphone and tablets, but to Gmail and Google Talk users on PCs and Macs too.

Google Voice chat doesn't need Wi-Fi either (take that Apple FaceTime) - it's happy to work on the 3G or 4G networks, although you'll obviously get a better connection on Wi-Fi without eating up your data.

During the video call, you'll also be able to send text updates too (such as links), with the messages being presented on the video screen. You can also switch to other screen during a call with the audio continuing in the background.

The option will be available to Nexus S users at first, with other Android devices getting in on the fun soon.