Chrome 11, Google’s browser, has made it to version 11 this week gaining a “stable” badge for those who don’t like to risk living the beta build dream.

New to the mix is a new flatter logo in your dock – Mac or PC – and the ability to do voice search through HTML.

To see what that’s about download the browser and then head over to Google translate, press the microphone button at the bottom of the text entry field and start talking.

Google will then to its best to work out what you’ve said and give you a response in the language of your choice.

At the moment the software only works translating from English and depending on your twang will depend on the results – I had to pronounce Stuart like I would in America rather than in the UK (those that are interested in America, I have to say Steew-art). Still it’s easier than typing.

You can download version 11 from Google’s website.