Google has released a new feature in Gmail that will allow you to send emails in the background rather than wait for your email to be sent.

Exciting we know, but the new Gmail Labs feature means that when you hit the “send” button you can now save yourself a couple of seconds and if you send a lot of email, that can add up to a lot of lost time. 

Background Send, as the new feature is known, basically lets Google Gmail quietly send off your mail in the background so you can do other things in your inbox.  

If anything goes wrong (maybe you got that email address wrong, or maybe your connection had a hiccup), you’ll see a warning message that prompts you to go back and fix the issue or try again later. 

Of course you still have to be logged in to Gmail rather than shutting down your computer and Internet connection altogether, however that in fairness it is the same as an offline solution from Microsoft or Apple.

The new Background Send feature is available to turn on in Gmail Labs.