Google has gone doodle mad this week, first celebrating both Yuri Gagarin's first manned space flight, then steam engine inventor Richard Trevithick's birthday. Now, the birth date of silent movie star Charlie Chaplin, who would have been 122-years-old today, has been honoured with what must be one of the best doodles yet.

The entire Google logo has become a short Charlie Chaplin-style silent movie, playable through on-screen controls, and linking through to the YouTube posted version.

It stars a Chaplin-alike in a homage that lasts for just over two minutes and offers full disclosure as, Google openly admits, "none of the mustaches in the video are real". Ah, but were they harmed?

Virgin Media also used the image of Charlie Chaplin last week to launch its Virgin Media Shorts short movie competition, with previous winner Luke Snellin creating his own homage to the movie star.

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