Google has celebrated the day that astronaut Yuri Gagarin went it to space with its latest Google doodle.

The new doodle, found on Google homepages around the world, comes 50 years after the Soviet pilot was the first man to go into outer space.

Gagarin’s Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth on 12 April 1961.

The typeface takes on a decidedly Russian feel, with the first “o” represented with Gagarin in his space helmet, while the second is the earth.

In a now common trend, interacting with the page causes the doodle to come alive - in this case the Vostok takes off and heads to the stars.

Those interested in the landmark happenings 50 years ago should check out a documentary on YouTube called ‘First Orbit’. It's a feature-length film event that weaves historic audio recordings of the first cosmonaut, with new footage of his orbital route.

The film is available for free on

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