Google Maps 5.3 for Android has been released bringing with it new features to map out and explore (see what we did there?).

Now in Google Maps for Android you’ll be able to see your Location History, where you’ve been, distance you’ve travelled, time spent at work, home or out and about, and other gems to really make you paranoid that Google has been watching you this whole time all from your phone, although Google are keen to stress that you can turn it off if you want to - it’s actually opt-in rather than opt-out.

Also added is the ability to “check-in” at home, whereby the app, once you’ve set it, will automatically check you in when you get home. Handy, say Google, for letting your friends that track you know when you’ve got home safe, but cunning parents will also realise it’s going to be great for finding out when your teenagers really did get through the front door.

Finally you can now categorise your check-ins with your own defined categories like music for example.

To get started, update Google Maps from Android Market on devices with Android OS 1.6+ anywhere Google Maps and Latitude are already available.