Google has published the latest images of Japan from its satellite providers, showing the full extent of the damage in the Sendai region after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake.

The harrowing pictures, which will be updated into the Google Maps and Google Earth platforms, are super high resolution and Google hopes that they might help with relief work in the area.

"We hope our effort to deliver up-to-date imagery provides the relief organizations and volunteers working around the clock with the data they need to better understand the current conditions on the ground," said Keiichi Kawai, Google Japan senior product manager and Sendai City native.

"We also hope these tools help our millions of users - both those in Japan and those closely watching and sending their support from all over the globe - to find useful information about the affected areas."

Google has also produced a brilliant (if that's the right word) Picasa album with before and after shots, which fully illustrate the earthquake and Tsunami's mass devastation.

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