Phones 4u has polled its customers on their most preferred operating system and Android has come out top, beating Apple's iOS by a healthy margin.

Out of 596 respondees, 36 per cent of them prefer Google's OS, while only 26 per cent favour iOS:

“The popularity of Android continues to grow and it is now fast becoming the operating system of choice," says Phones 4u's marketing director, Russell Braterman. "We’re listening to our customers by ensuring we can offer them a wide range of Android devices, with a number of new Android mobile phones launching at Phones 4u over the coming weeks."

Strangely though, of those polled, only 23 per cent own an Android handset, while 20 per cent own an iPhone 4 - an indication that new customers, or those with other smartphones such as BlackBerry or Windows Phone 7, will be looking to jump on board Google's bandwagon rather than Apple's.

The report was commissioned as part of Phones 4u's Royal Wedding celebrations. Or, rather, the chain's celebrations of the Prince's stag weekend, which involves giving away limited edition Royal mankinis - emblazoned with the slogan "Protect Your Crown Jewels" -  to new purchasers of Android mobile phones.

No, really.

"As the Royal wedding is also fast approaching, with our customers expressing an explicit interest in the stag do, we thought why not have a bit of fun and commemorate it every time someone buys an Android device from Phones 4u," says Braterman.


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