You may not be able to watch the Royal Wedding in 3D on your telly-box, but there is still a 3D option available to Will and Kate fans....sort of.

Google has announced that you'll be able to take the entire Royal wedding precession route on Google Earth, complete with 3D image renderings of London's most iconic streets.

"With this new 3D data covering the royal procession route, you can indulge yourself in a “royals’-eye” view to see the same sights that William and Catherine will see," said Phil Verney, program manager, Google Earth & Maps.

"Upon departing Westminster Abbey, you’ll pass the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, the famous ministries on Whitehall and the Prime Minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street. Traverse Horse Guards Parade, and from there, you can travel down The Mall - with 3D trees lining the route - and see Buckingham Palace standing proudly at the finish."

The detailed route is all part of Google's plan to capture London in a lot more detail on its mapping platform. Last week it announced plans for higher resolution aerial shots for our nation's capital and it has now stated that it has even used five different species of trees for its green versions of St James' Park, Green Park and Hyde Park.

The Royal Wedding takes place on 29 April. If Kate shows up that is. Sure, she'd be a future queen if she marries William - but have you seen the ears on the man? Surely she'll come to her senses before then. And Pocket-lint will be waiting in the wings to sweep her off her feet when she does. She likes tech, right?