Your eyes aren't deceiving you, that really is a Google-branded stereo system in the picture, spotted at this year's Bristol-based Sound & Vision Show in the UK.

Bearing the search engine giant's familiar logo and branding, along with a display that reads DROID, the Google stereo was produced by Chord Electronics at the request of Google itself in order to kit out its team of Android designers with high-end audio systems. The Google-branded product is based on Chord's existing Chordette Carry products. Chordette is a modular audio system that comprises a mix and match range of separates such as preamps and DACs that can transfer music via Bluetooth (apt-X). If you're an Android phone user then you'll already be familiar with this Bluetooth standard as it's the one that's used on Android handsets.

If you're already getting your credit card out to order one of the new stereos, then slow down. Only around 500 of the systems were made for Google employees and Chord has no plans to make them available to the general public. Sorry to disappoint you.