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(Pocket-lint) - App of the day as you know isn't just about iPhone or Android apps, but about all apps on all platforms including Google's Chrome browser. In steps this handy little extension that will over time make your Google searching a lot better than it probably currently is.

Personal Blocklist by Google

Chrome Web Store

Personal Blocklist by Google is an extension that you install into Chrome, the browser, and then it allows you when searching on Google to block domains/hosts from appearing in your Google search results.

The idea is that if you are constantly getting poor results from Google when you search from stuff you can set the system to omit those results so you don't have to see them every time. 

On the flip side that information is then passed back to Google to help make the results better for everyone.

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But as you can imagine that might take some time, so instead this extension lets you do it straight away with the effects and changing happening in real time. 

Once installed all you have to do is monitor what you don't want. In Google a small message now appears next to every listing. Clicking on "Block xyz" you then push that site to a blocked list which you can control and edit. 

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To access the blocked list at any time you just have to press on a small red button with a white hand and can edit either part of the url or unblock the site if you feel you've blocked them by mistake. 

Overall the system in simple, basic, but highly effective in making your search results even better. 

We like it.

Writing by Stuart Miles.