Google is apparently looking to set up a pay-for, and unlimited, YouTube movie streaming service in the UK, to rival Amazon and its recent Lovefilm takeover.

The news comes from the New York Post, who suggests that Google, who has been in talks with Hollywood studios for some time, is planning on a eventual Europe-wide launch (specifically the UK) due to the high competition in the States.

One Hollywood executive is quoted as saying: "Google is going to be launching channels in Europe and will launch a subscription video-on-demand service," before continueing: "They are going to spend $100 million on content."

However the plans aren't as straightforward as they may first appear as a YouTube movie streaming service is very much dependent on getting the studios on board; something that may prove tricky considering past copyright issues; one with Viacom is still on-going.

This news continues Google's plans to turn YouTube into a form of entertainment hub, as YouTube already streams free movie content (of a certain quality) to members and these new plans would help the film aspect go more mainstream. It is also an indication that YouTube is somewhat of a millstone around Google's neck, as the company tries, apparently in vain, to make some decent profit from the site.

With Netflix looking to get its foot in the UK as well, the future of online movie streaming is certainly one to watch.