Google's outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt and VP of Engineering Andy Rubin took to the stage in Barcelona for the company's MWC keynote on Tuesday, where they spoke about all things Android - and clarified a few rumours that had been floating around.

Firstly, Schmidt kind of confirmed that the next instalment of Android would indeed be called Ice-Cream (+/- Sandwich) when he said: "We've got an OS for phones called 'Gingerbread' and one for tablets called 'Honeycomb'. G and H. You can imagine that the next will begin with I and will be named after a dessert."

He then stated that this next instalment, which will follow the "roughly six-month" Android cycle, will bring Honeycomb and Gingerbread together - so it looks as if we're in store for a tablet and smartphone compatible Android version around July time.

What was clear from the keynote was that Google wants an end to the 2.3/2.4 type confusion and instead wants manufacturers to simply refer to "the latest version of Gingerbread" and so on.

Earlier this month on Pocket-lint we told you how ViewSonic is planning on releasing a 2.4 Gingerbread device in April - which caused confusion as Gingerbread initially landed as Android 2.3. However, although Froyo only had the 2.2 label, Éclair spread across two labels - 2.0 and 2.1.

Rubin also said that each new version of Android would be launched with new kit. He stated that it was important that new versions were not “just a thought experiment”, and that “each software release be accompanied by a hardware component".

Froyo launched with the Nexus One, of course; Gingerbread with the Nexus S and Honeycomb with the Xoom. So when Ice-Cream does finally hit, expect it to be accompanied by a brand new device.

Or, going by the "unite" quote from Schmidt about the next version, perhaps even two devices; a tablet and a smartphone.