A Google Doodle has been produced that marks the birth of British explorer Sir Earnest Shackleton, picturing him in the icy wastes of Antarctica.

Dispensing with the usual style of forming the picture out of the letters of the Google logo, the "L" is the only letter to get this treatment as it's replaced by the explorer himself, with a backdrop being formed by his co-explorers and frozen ship.

He is perhaps known most famously for his trip on the Endurance; an expedition in which the ship became wedged in the ice in the South Pole. Shackleton and his men shacked up on Elephant Island at Point Wild, before Shackleton himself set off in search of a whaling station in South Georgia.

Shackleton returned to his crew after months away with a rescue party without a single loss of life. It's a fascinating story, not least coming from the experiences of the men left behind on the Island.