Roses are red, violets are blue, Google loves Pop Art, and has a Doodle for you.

You didn't think the Big G would forget did you? Heck no - Google doesn't need an excuse like a widely acknowledged annual commemoration to roll out a new Doodle - why only last week they had a Doodle celebrating the 52nd anniversary of the Penguin biscuit*.

So a big day like Valentine's day was always going to get some Google Doodle love. And that's exactly what it's got with a Doodle based on the Robert Indiana sculpture - Love.

The sculpture first went on show in New York in 1970 and can now be found at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It is made of Cor-ten steel and has been on show there since 1975. It's based on a Christmas card design for the Museum of Modern Art from 1964.

Now, if you forgot to get your loved one something, simply copy the picture into an email and send it to her at work. You're in the clear as long as she doesn't use Google all day - and what's the odds of that happening anyway, eh?

*This may not actually be true.