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(Pocket-lint) - Google Translate has landed in the App Store, meaning that iPhone users will no longer have to rely on the patchy and awkward HTML5 web app any longer.

It's an awesome little app that allows you to not only type your translation queries into it, you also have the option to speak your chosen phrase - it can understand spoken commands from 15 different languages (although like Google voice search - this is a bit hit and miss).

It can translate into 56 different languages and dialects, and we counted 23 of these where you can also have the phrase spoken back to you - handy if you're Azerbaijani pronunciation isn't all that great.

There's also a useful full-screen mode, so you can be the typical ignorant western tourist when you're on your travels and simply shove your iPhone into a local's face to find out where the nearest McDonald's is (once you get sick of all that foreign muck, of course).

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You can also see dictionary references for words, and star phrases for future use. We'll be keeping "nearest toilet?" saved in ours. A trip abroad isn't complete without a dose of the trots after all.

It's in the App Store now, and it's free. It's a great app - give it a try.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.