A Google blog post has announced the Gmail Priority Inbox has landed on mobile platforms that run browsers supporting HTML5 - so that's iOS added to the Android offering for a start.

Let's be honest, Google Priority Inbox hasn't exactly set the world alight in perhaps the way the Mountain View boffins would have hoped for. The reaction has been a pretty overwhelming "meh" - and if you're anything like Pocket-lint you probably tried it for a couple of days before switching it off.

But, good old Uncle Goog isn't one to give up easily and is pursuing the platform for now (let's remember that Google Wave was once an evolving platform too though) by spreading it further afield.

Speaking via the blog post Nathan Bullock, software engineer for Google said:

"If you’ve ever cursed a phone’s tiny screen as utterly inadequate for sifting through an overflowing inbox you’ll be pleased to hear that the Gmail mobile web app now supports Priority Inbox.

"Priority Inbox helps combat information overload by automatically identifying your important messages so you can focus on those first. Until today it was only available on the desktop and on Android devices. 

"Now, once you set up Priority Inbox in the desktop version of Gmail, you’ll see Priority Inbox sections when you visit gmail.com from your phone’s browser and click on the ‘Menu’ screen. You’ll also see importance markers in your inbox, so you can quickly identify which messages are important."

Useful to some probably, but a more exciting Gmail iOS bit of news would surely be a native Gmail app.