What would all of Google’s products and services look like if you put them in a sort of periodic table? Well, that’s exactly what Google has done on its code site - recreated it’s products and services as a periodic table.

Google has turned its 96, yes 96, different programmes, services and features into elements in a periodic table, showing the correlation between the them and how each of them fit in to key areas of the company; included are Mobile, Search, Gadgets, Data APIs, Social, Misc, Ads, Geo, Tools and Chrome.

Those keen to study the chart will see that Search, for example, although dominating the company’s business perception, only accounts for 11 of the 96 elements in total with misc elements like reCaptcha and Feedburner accounting for 24 of the 96.

Users can click on each element to learn more about what the service or feature is about.