Google has announced the latest version of Google Goggles, its magic eye into the real-world, bringing with it a handy new feature that will help you solve Sudoku puzzles.

Well, we say help - it will basically turn you into a cheat as it can solve a puzzle before you've even entered any of your own numbers. But that doesn't mean that it's not cool because it is - about as cool as Sudoku gets anyway.

The update also extends the marketing trial that was announced back in November by bringing the print ad recognition service to the masses - the app should now be able to recognise any printed ad in major US newspapers or magazines from August 2010 onwards.

These new features work with both the Android and iPhone versions of Google Goggles.

Android owners upgrading to version 1.3 of Google Goggles also get the added feature of improved barcode scanning:

"With the new Android version of Google Goggles, scanning barcodes is much faster. Open Goggles and hover over the barcode or QR code. Within a second the phone gently vibrates and presents results, without requiring a button press. Simply tap on the result to read product reviews, check in-store availability and compare prices".

The new features are available now.