After a year of interactive Google Doodles, with games, animations and the like, it's almost quaint to see a good, old fashioned doodle gracing the top of the search engine on New Year's Eve.

The latest effort replaces the inner letters with "MMXI", 2011 in Roman numerals and, er, that's it.

And a click on the doodle sends you through to a search for "New Year's Eve". You don't get as uncomplicated as that.

Of course, Google has stretched the boundaries with its doodles this year, including an interactive Scooby Doo comic strip for Halloween, the animated world art-inspired Christmas doodle, and an amazing game of Pac-Man to celebrate the yellow muncher's 30-year anniversary back in May.

Certainly, Pocket-lint will be looking forward to 2011, if only to see what amazing (HTML5?) Google Doodles will be coming throughout the year. Maybe one to celebrate our own 8-year anniversary perhaps? Er, ahem...

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