The latest Google Doodle, which has just appeared and will remain on the search engine's homepage for the next few days, is an assortment of interactive artworks from different artists, each depicting a seasonal greeting from a variety of cultures and countries.

"We want to end the year with a bang", said chief doodler Michael Lopez, as he explained to the Wall Street Journal the decision to create a doodle that didn't just celebrate one type of seasonal holiday but many.

There was one change in the final doodle from his original concept, however. It was initially going to be rolled out in stages over 3 days, with parts of the doodle becoming active as time went by. Instead, due to technical constraints, Google needed to put the entire piece online at the same time.

Either way, it's a fascinating, quirky piece that shows how far the art of "doodling" has come on. Even if it's hard to see the Google logo underneath.

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