Google has revealed the results of its browser-based charity fundraiser.

The Chrome for a Cause extension counted the number of tabs used throughout the day by users and prompted people to submit the number, which was then converted into a charitable donation to the cause that most appealed to them.

In total, Chrome users raised 60,599,541 tabs for charity.

Converted into the $1 million Google was putting into the charity pot, this amounts to:

- $245,278 toward planting trees in the Atlantic Forest, one of the world’s endangered tropical forests. 

- $232,791 toward providing clean water, by building freshwater wells for communities in developing nations.    

- $112,078 toward building shelter, to be constructed by volunteers for impoverished families in Latin America.    

- $267,336 toward administering vaccinations against meningitis to combat outbreaks in Africa.    

- $142,518 toward publishing books by local writers and illustrators, which will be created and donated to schools and libraries across Asia and Africa.

Good stuff Googlers.