Google TV looks as though it could be struggling due to some decidedly luke-warm reviews of its internet-based TV service.

Although Google already has an outlet for the internet-TV service, through Sony televisions which went on sale in October 2010, other manufacturers that were supposed to out the technology at CES 2011 in Las Vegas have been asked to postpone introductions until Google refines its software.

The companies who have been asked to delay showing off the Google-TV tech include Toshiba, LG and Sharp.

This news highlights the difficulty that Google faces in making headway in the consumer electronics industry; despite its massive size Google has had its fair share of flops, and tends to tweak as and when depending on feedback. With a launch of this nature that may not be so easy due to its dependency on outside partners.

As James L. McQuivey, an analyst at Forrester, put it: "Google as a company is not a particularly partner-friendly or partner-focused company", he continued:

"Google needs to learn some of those abilities [partnership skills and polished products] - both in terms of partnerships with broadcasters and working with hardware partners. You can give me the recipe for the absolute best chocolate chip cookies in the world, but until I put the ingredients together and bake them at exactly the right temperature for the right time, they’re not cookies, and that’s where Google TV is".  

Although there are few in the industry that are arguing with the concept of Google TV, the reality has been far from perfect, which could mean further long delays.

- Google TV: Detailed and explained

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