It's widely assumed that Honeycomb, as demoed by Google's Andy Rubin on the Motorola tablet recently, is the moniker for Android 3.0.

But, as David Brent reminded us: "Don't assume. It makes an ass out of u and me".

For reports emerging now suggest that Honeycomb may just be a simple 0.1 update for the Google mobile OS, bringing the platform up to version 2.4.

Android and Me is suggesting (based on info from an Android developer) that Honeycomb could officially launch as Android 2.4 around the time of Mobile World Congress 2011, which kicks off in Barcelona on 14 February.

Although the release as 2.4 would be surprising, given that Honeycomb is set to be the first Android OS developed with tablets in mind, there was a time when we all thought that Gingerbread would land as Android 3.0. How foolish we all were.

If indeed it does arrive as Android 2.4, then it could mean that 3.0 might be saved for Ice Cream or Jelly Bean - the next two codenames that Google has lined up.