Google has gone live with its latest Doodle - an arty effort that celebrates the life of Jane Austen, who would have been celebrating her 235th birthday today (had she been a vampire perhaps).

The doodle shows off a suave looking gent accompanied by an elegant, bonnet-clad, lady. Could it be Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice or Emma Woodhouse and George Knightley from Emma?

Who knows? Certainly not us, as we didn't pay any attention during English literature lessons at school, and we had to look those characters up on Wikipedia.

Jane Austen was born on 16 December 1775 in the rectory in the village of Steventon near Basingstoke, in Hampshire. She was the seventh of eight children, although you don't see any of her brothers and sisters getting Google Doodles in their honour do you?

Happy Birthday Jane, thanks for the memories.