Android 2.3 was announced by Google back in 2010, but that doesn’t mean that's it's available to everyone just yet. These things take time with manufacturers and operators having to decide whether they want to support the new version of the operating system. 

Manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, and LG all having to wade through the new features released by Google and determine whether or not they want to bring those new features to older handsets, or just focus on bringing them to new handsets.

Even if they do say the big "Yes", the operators then get to have their say, suggesting that if you’ve got an older Android smartphone you could be in for a wait. How long a wait is what we aim to answer here.

As we find out about Android 2.3 updates we will add those details below. 

Google confirmed that the Nexus One would be getting the Android 2.3 update in the “next few weeks”, when it announced Android 2.3 on the 6 December. We had to wait a little longer than than that, but the update finally arrived at the end of February 2011.

Arrived: February 2011

Back in December 2010, Samsung was still trying to decide whether or not to update the Samsung Galaxy S to Android 2.3 but it recently confimed that an update will definitely be coming in March 2011. (29/03/11)

ETA: March 2011

Although it initially said that it wouldn't be bringing the new OS to current handsets, LG has since backtracked on that announcement when it confirmed that its entire Optimus series would be getting a taste of Gingerbread. The Optimus One will be the first handset to get the update, due in May 2011. (29/03/11)

ETA: May 2011

HTC has confirmed that the Froyo-equipped Desire, Desire HD, Desire Z, and Incredible S will all be getting the Android 2.3 update in Q2, which could mean any time from April 2011 onwards. An update schedule for the HTC Legend has yet to be confimred. (29/03/11)

ETA: April 2011

The Motorola Milestone 2 has only just been updated from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2 so unlikely to get another update any time soon. Motorola isn't yet in a position to confirm whether the Milestone 2 will be getting an update to Android 2.3. (29/03/10)


Despite previously stating that Android 2.3 would not be coming to the Xperia X10, Sony Ericsson recently confirmed that the handset would be getting Gingerbread after all. The update is due to land in Q2/early Q3, which most likely means the latter. (29/03/11)

ETA: July 2011

Orange's official line is that it doesn't currently know whether the phone, which currently sports Android 2.1, will be getting an update or not, with Orange telling Pocket-lint that it normally takes a couple of weeks to determine these things after the official announcement has been made from Google. (15/12/10) 


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Let us know if you hear whether your phone will be getting the Android 2.3 update in the comments below?