Google has just announced a number of updates to its Google TV service, a service which is supposed to let you search channels, apps and the Internet simultaneously through your web-enabled TV.

These updates are being pushed out from Wednesday 15 December, and along with bug fixes bring four distinct "improvements" to the platform.

Google has upgraded the Netflix app so that you can search, browse and watch any movie or show that is in the Netflix streaming catalog. You can even add these titles to your DVD queue if you want them mailed to you.

Dual View
Google TV brings the TV and web together so you can watch TV and browse your a website at the same time. This update enhances the feature to allow you to re-size and move the window however you’d like.

Remote control app for Android phones
You can now download the Google TV Remote app in Android Market. Apart from the standard TV remote options like changing channels or accessing your DVR, you can now interact with your TV in different ways. For instance, you can use the integrated voice search which allows you to find your favorite shows and movies just by speaking into your phone. Or, go from small screen to big screen by sharing videos and websites directly from your phone to your TV.

Google TV now has a movie results page that shows you all films associated with a particular title so you can quickly watch what you want, wherever it’s available - ranging from sources like live TV, Netflix, and Amazon Video on Demand. You can also read a quick summary, see photos, and find the cast list.

The rollout of these updates is staggered so some will get them before others, the Google TV Remote app is available now but all features may not work until your device has received the update.