So you've gone out and bought your mum and dad a new laptop for Christmas. Good for you, not only is an expensive gift like a laptop incredibly generous, but you're also opening up a whole new online world for mummy and daddy to explore.

But hold on, your parents don't know the first thing about computers, so you're going to have to spend the whole of Christmas Day explaining things to them. And Boxing Day. And the two-day bank holiday after Boxing Day. And New Year. And.....well, you get the picture.

Pretty soon your number will be programmed into their phones as "Helpdesk" (once you've taught them how to save numbers that is) and your generous gift will soon become the bane of your existence.

But help is on hand from Google, who have set up the Teach Parents Tech website (which simply says "Coming Soon" at the moment) which will host the 54 video guides that you can currently access via YouTube.

In the videos, Google bods are on hand to explain everything from changing your desktop background, to creating an email signature, to hacking into the Pentagon's mainframe*.

As mentioned isn't live yet, but head over to the YouTube channel, where you can begin sending the videos to your parents now. But only if you've set them up an email account already.

*Not really.