Google has officially published its Zeitgeist review of the year for 2010, giving us an insight into what the world is searching for.

And it turns out that we're all Justin Bieber crazy. Which is weird because it's difficult to find anyone who will openly admit to liking the pint-sized pop star in the real world.

Bieber tops the charts in terms of the most searched for in "Entertainment" and is third overall in the "Fastest Rising".

The fastest rising term was Chatroulette which, along with the Bieber queries, does confirm that we just love looking at knobs on our computers.

We're only joking of course, our lawyer assures us that Bieber is probably a thoroughly nice chap.

In a year which Google describes as "a year of struggles" there are also huge trends in searching for "Haiti", "Chile", "earthquake" and "oil spill".

"The devastating earthquakes in China, Chile and Haiti as well as the floods in Pakistan and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico led to a huge spike in all things charitable", said Johanna Wright, director of product management for the Google Search team.

"Through our search lens, we saw worldwide outreach to help those in need and the use of technology to expedite aid with the spread of text-to-donate".

In terms of tech, the most popular search terms were iPad, iPhone 4 and then, bizarrely, the Nokia 5530.

You can see the full breakdown over at, where you'll also see a brilliant HTML5 visual display of the popular search queries.

And, for the first time ever, Google has also produced a Year in Review video to compliment the annual Zeitgeist release.