During the demo of the prototype Honeycomb Android Motorola tablet, Google top-bod Andy Rubin gave a sneaky peak of the revamped Google Maps for Android.

The new vector-based Maps software uses meta data (so it loads much faster) and has a dynamic map rendering engine that, with a load of new gestures that you're going to have to master, lets you draw your maps as you require them, complete with 3D building graphics.

Rubin also showed off the new orientation features of the mapping software which automatically set the compass in the correct direction, whilst you're out and about.

The new Google Maps app will hit Android devices in "a matter of days".

Rubin said it was just Google OS devices for now though - "This particular app was written fro Android," he said. "It runs on tablets, which are unannounced and unreleased, as well as phones - same app."

He did however admit that it could land on desktops and other devices and described the migration to other operating systems as "natural extensions".