Google has launched the stable release of Chrome 8, adding a couple of nice new features as well as numerous security and bug fixes for the speedy browser.

Version 8.0.552.215, to give it its full moniker, comes with a new PDF viewer that brings the security of Chrome's sandbox. What this means is that the browser isolates a page showing a PDF file and even if the file is riddled with malicious code, set up by the web-baddies, Chrome would contain the threat and the file wouldn't be able to harm your system or modify its information.

Chrome 8 also supports the, yet-to-be-released, Chrome Web Store - although you'll see no mention of this in the official release notes.

What the official notes do state, however, is over 800 bug fixes and stability improvements. You can see a full list of these at the Chromium security page.

Chrome 8 is also supposed to be much quicker than Chrome 7, with some reports even claiming that it is twice as fast.

Chrome 8 is available to download now, give it a spin and let us know what you think.