Google has announced an experiment for its Goggles platform, teaming up with five major brands to offer an "immersive digital experience".

In cahoots with Buick, Disney, Diageo, T-Mobile and Delta Airlines, Google Goggles' marketing trial works like a mishmash of the existing visual search function, but adds extra content to the results courtesy of the advertisers.

You simply point your Goggles app at a Goggles-enabled print advert and will recognise it and send you to a specific online location, full of extra goodies.

"We developed Google Goggles so that people could more easily explore the world around them with a mobile device", said Shailesh Nalawadi, product manager, Google Goggles.

"In this experiment, we’re applying the same principles, and the same technology, by Goggles-enabling advertisements and other media, and offering to link people to the mobile sites from these brands".