An investigation into Google's data collection practises - by its Streetview cars- has been reopened by the Information Commissioner's Office.

During the previous investigation the ICO's findings were that Google had not collected any, "meaningful personal details" that could be linked to an identifiable person.

However, the ICO continued to monitor the more rigorous investigations carried out by its international counterparts.

As such it's come to light that URLs and emails had been collected abroad by Google, hence the investigation being reopened in the UK.

A spokesman for the ICO states:

"Now that these findings are starting to emerge, we understand that Google has accepted that in some instances entire URLs and emails have been captured".

"We will be making enquires to see whether this information relates to the data inadvertently captured in the UK, before deciding on the necessary course of action, including a consideration of the need to use our enforcement powers".

A balance is clearly yet to be struck between the highly useful nature of services like Google Streetview, and the ability to use them competently.

However, you'll be pleased to hear that Google has created a director of privacy, in order to improve practises and educate staff on how its products impact on people's privacy - so we can all now sleep easy.

Do you think Google has been negligent? Do the pros of the service out-way the cons? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.