Next up is Gingerbread, which will be followed by Honeycomb. And then - we scream, they scream and Android screams for Ice Cream.

Yep, Android 4.0 is to be called Ice Cream, according to folks in the know. Or folk rather - ARM's president, Tudor Brown.

4.0 is due out in mid-2011 and, although it's been widely guessed that Ice Cream would be its moniker, this is the first time we've had any sort of confirmation from people on the inside.

Google is keeping schtum on the subject though. Via a statement, a spokeswoman for the Big G said: "The next platform release names are Gingerbread and Honeycomb. Additional timing and details have not been released yet".

Oh Google. You and your alphabetised dessert-based codenames.

Where will it end? With Google Zabaglione probably, but that'll be a long way off - Android will probably be an OS for the microchips embedded into our brains by then.