Android blog Phandroid has posted details (and the most blurred screen shot in the history of blurryvision) of the next major Android release, 3.0 - codenamed Gingerbread.

And the big news is that the rumours about video calling coming to the Google-backed open source OS look likely to come true, with Phandroid's source confirming that it won't just be fanboys having all the video calling fun.

The other notable features all centre around the tweaking and improving of Android's UI, which will certainly be welcomed by critics of Android’s, shall we say, mismatched look.

Most of the graphics-related changes mentioned by the source are relatively minor, but Android fans will be pleased to know that the notification bar has been reworked, icons will appear more uniform, scroll effects (similar to iOS' bounce) have been added, and there's gonna be more green - a whole lot more green.

A final noteworthy addition is the addition of VoIP features to the Google Voice app. The report suggests that this may not work straight out of the box - but via an early update - but does state that it will be a Gingerbread exclusive. So bad news, Froyo-fans.

An announcement of Gingerbread's arrival was due before the end of the year, but this could now come in early 2011.

Are you excited for Gingerbread or are you content with Froyo? Let us know what you think about all things Android using the comments below.